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Digital Marketing is an emerging trend in the vast field of marketing. Various universities in Australia have this as a subject, and hence students often get digital marketing assignments in order to increase their knowledge about this field.

Digital marketing comprises of various aspects of marketing, with the exception of everything happening over the internet, or digitally. Marketing students are required to understand all the aspects of digital marketing, which helps them develop their ability as a digital marketer, content strategist, along with technical experts. The knowledge of search engine optimisation tools help any digital marketer to understand which keywords to use, and where to use them, et cetera.

However, students are already burdened with the pressure of studying for various class assessments, working part time jobs to pay off student loans, et cetera, hence students look for someone to write their assignments for them. Since the scope of marketing is extremely vast, students often resort to browsing the internet for online digital marketing assignment samples. Although the internet provides a large number of solutions for this, but not every site is reliable, or updated.

This is where My Assignment Services comes into the picture. Our team of digital marketing assignment help experts have solved and written a number of digital marketing assignments for students across the various universities in Australia.

Here is an example of an assignment that was written by our digital marketing assignment experts. The assignment was to conduct a digital strategy and marketing audit on a small-medium sized company. The writer was supposed to identify the strategic objectives for the company, in terms of their digital marketing strategy, after which the key digital platforms that the company was using were to be identified, along with a description of the content.

The company selected by our academic writers was Evergen, which had gained a significant market credential for its prompt response to consumer queries. The consumers had generated a sense of faith towards Evergen that in turn ensured consumer loyalty. Formulation of the strategies in accordance with the organisational objectives of digital marketing resulted in an increase in profit margins. The market in the current scenario has been evolving for a number of years. The prevailing trends in the market suggest the competitive nature of the Australian market.

For this assessment, you are to conduct a Digital Strategy and Marketing Audit either on your own business or a small-medium business.

Do not choose a large national or multi-national company. Using the Digital Strategy Audit Checklist provided, complete the checklist for your organisation.

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There are many types of audit checklists; this one is a compilation of some of the ones on the internet. You will be required to submit the actual checklist completed as part of your report.

tealive marketing assignment

The design and the structure of your Audit Report is up to you, depending on your findings. Identify the strategic objectives for the company in terms of their digital marketing strategy. What is the company trying to accomplish with these efforts? What evidence did you find to suggest these objectives? Is digital marketing actually suited to that strategy? Briefly identify the key digital platforms in which you believe the company is engaging with customers.

Describe the kind of content, if any, the company is programming in each of its digital platforms. The modern world has rapidly adapted to the use of internet. It has evolved as an huge forum for interaction, trade and communication irrespective of global boundaries. This assessment will depict a clear overview about the digital strategies that are implemented for enhancing the business activities of an organization.Toggle navigation.

Interested in starting a business? Go big or start small. Choose a size that suits your business needs. Be it small, medium, or large, we have something for everyone. Investment starts from RM, depending on store size. Our team will guide you from setting up to starting your store through our partnership program, tailored to various levels of expertise and involvement.

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Monthly audit and quality service checks. Live updates through our Business Management Tool. You'll be in great company. Worried about the locations?

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We still have more than 50 new excellent locations you can choose from across Malaysia. To find out how you can fit in. Why Tealive? Future focused, renowned to embrace modern technology and product innovations. Year-on-year sales growth for 7 consecutive years Loob Holding. What our partners are saying. LOOB showed me otherwise, by guiding and training me since day one. They showed me that a good partner does not catch you a fish, but instead teaches you how to catch your own fish.

I hope to continue this partnership for more years to come. Want to join the family? Fill in the form here or give our Business Development team a ring at 03 All rights reserved.Market segmentation refers to grouping all the consumers in the market in some segments or group.

In other words, when a company divides its potential customers into groups and segment based on some features, it is known as Market Segmentation. Customers of one group have the same features and generally, they have more than one thing in common among them.

The objective of Market Segmentation is to know the segment that is most profitable or that have growth potential. It has been seen that they are several reasons behind segmentation of a market, and one of the reasons is to prepare marketing mix accordingly for the segments. Wendell R. Marketing concept relates to understanding the needs of the customers and serving them accordingly better than the competitor. Every customer is different, so they have different needs, thus they need to be served differently.

Mass Marketing- It refers to considering the market as one market, a market which is homogeneous, and offering the same marketing strategies to all the customers. It is cheap as it is produced in a large number and it is distributed on a large scale. Limitation of this is the treatment that a company does for the customers.

All the customers are different, thus different strategies must be made. Target Marketing- It recognizes the need of the customers and does not try to satisfy them with the same marketing plan. Therefore, the first step here is to identify the different market segment and target them accordingly. Identifiable- Characteristics of the segments must be measurable, so it will become easy for the marketers to identify.

Accessible- Segment must reach easily to the marketer and it should not be such that which is not within the reach of the marketer. It should be such that which is communicable. Unique Needs- Segment should be such that it reacts differently and accordingly to the marketing mix. In this group, segments are divided based on their gender. Men and women, have their own needs and preferences, hence this force marketer to segment the gender.

Different strategies must be formed for both the genders, as women may not purchase what men would like and vice versa. It is important for industries like cosmetics, footwear, clothing etc. Segment based on age group is also one of the ways. Marketing strategy cannot be the same for a child, a teenager, or an adult. It is because of they consumer different things. Income is one of the major factors, which influences or restricts the buyer to purchase an item.Loob Holding and La Kaffa are now embroiled in an ongoing court case to resolve the issue.

While that goes on, players such as KOI began entering the market, and Chatime has even come back to our shores sporting a new master franchiserand a new rapid expansion plan. Despite that, Tealive seems to be having a good year. To build the centre, Tealive has invested a great deal of their assets and resources into setting it up, which now also serves as a retail technology research development to ensure that business operations remain in good shape, for all the Tealives worldwide.

Through the centre, Tealive has already produced new flavours to complement its existing array of drinks; an example is the Durian King Smoothie which sold out in just two weeks. They have since introduced Vietnamese coffee into their Malaysian stores, and there are also the drinks that come as a result of their partnership with Horlicks. Our goal is for our customers to experience the new and unknown.

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Frog Bang is something which is increasingly popular in Taiwan and felt it will work with the Malaysian market. Bryan thinks that the hybrid of hot and cold is an adventurous sensation—exactly what he thinks Malaysians are. Partnering with Moolanetizens were tasked with snapping pictures of Tealive branded cars in the wild for a chance at drinks and discounts. Our aim is to always seek ways to intersect our business model with a desire to make our customers lives better. In fact, their expansion has been put in the front and center for the brand for the next three years.

tealive marketing assignment

When asked about introducing Vietnamese Coffee drinks in Malaysia right after launching in Vietnam, Bryan stated that:. This will happen more in future as our objective is to introduce foreign favourites, allowing customers to be involved in the brand building journey.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the bubble tea wars rages on in this nation, between the existing players and other that may come into the fray. Type and hit enter to search Search. By now, anyone who cares knows it already: Tealive was born under difficult circumstances.

Tags: bryan loo bubble tea business entrepreneur franchise tealive. Subscribe to Vulcan Post Newsletter Stay updated with our weekly curated news and updates. First Name. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Reading List. Like what you read? Follow us on Facebook. Vulcan Post.By coming on board now, you can enjoy first pick of the available locations, giving you the best chance to optimise sales.

You can even choose a location close to where you live for added convenience and local knowledge. Tealive is an established brand around the world, which means we can utilise our buying power to provide lower cost of goods and greater margins. We offer a comprehensive induction program to help you hit the ground running with operations, business management and HR training, plus dedicated marketing department support. Along with local area marketing, we will be running brand-building campaigns to raise overall awareness and brand affinity.

People fall in love with Tealive at first sip! Our unique and easy-to-use tap dispensers not only look great, but also ensure we can serve fresher tea with greater consistency and hygiene than traditional tea dispensing methods.

We research the demographics and tastes of each Tealive store location and can tailor our menu suit the local area.

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Our cloud-based menu system also allows us to make changes almost immediately. We stay ahead of the curve with our own dedicated innovation centre focussed on creating the latest and greatest products and constantly improving systems and processes. We have one of the most generous loyalty programs in Australia, which consumers can access via our app. We provide ongoing training and quality control programs to ensure our staff deliver exceptional customer service without fail.

Your success is our success, so we are dedicated to providing you with all the support, know-how and resources you need to succeed. To help give your store an early boost, we provide an initial day marketing program which includes social media, in-store marketing support and identifying local area marketing opportunities such as potential sponsorships.

All franchisees are allocated an account manager who will work closely with you to support you and your store. Your account manager will oversee quarterly performance reviews that identify key opportunities and areas for improvement.

We will regularly provide new materials and training to keep you up-to-date with the latest operational developments such as new products, campaigns and procedures to help ensure your continued success. We look forward to helping you create your very own breakthrough success as a Tealive Franchise Partner. Request an information pack. In the space of one year, Bryan took Tealive from an unknown brand and turned it into a premier lifestyle tea chain with more than stores in Malaysia.

As a brand, we ensure franchisees get the most of out of their investment by delivering excellence across five crucial areas:. Customer Experience. Ongoing support. Good business acumen. FAQS Is the application deposit refundable?

Yes, the application deposit is fully refundable at any stage throughout our conversation.We thought it might be nice to visit Norway since we would be near for the concert. What we got instead of a quick tour of a neighboring country was the best vacation I have ever experienced. Bjarni made everything perfect. There was no rushing for trains, boats or busses.

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We felt the airline bookings and hotel bookings were all as explained to us. Also they would have been difficult for us to coordinate from the States. It was such a relief to have every part of our trip proceed as planned with Nordic Visitor.

tealive marketing assignment

There were no glitches at all, and we appreciate the professionalism. I asked Helga many questions beforehand, and she was always very pleasant and responsive. We would definitely recommend Nordic Visitor and Helga. Edred, Canada Iceland Full Circle, August 2015 I travelled with my children and grandchildren, comprising a party of seven in total. James, United States Iceland Complete, August 2015 I was pretty skeptical about booking a tour over the internet, but it worked out really well.

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You should have a light mixture of focused anchor text links, unfocused anchor text links and URL citations (www. Links to avoid include any link that is self-made and obviously self-made, on a site with only self-made links. I will say you can still get away with quite a lot, but actual penalty material as I claim above is all to do with your INTENT as GOOGLE interprets it to be.

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tealive marketing assignment

Back To Table Of ContentsAs part of my analysis, I ALWAYS scan competitors back links to see if they have managed to earn any quality links and determine how they did it and if it can be replicated. Think about what that means.

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